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Nightwalk is a haunted walk-thru located in the Maple and Pine Terraces during Frightmares.

Attraction Information

Nightwalk debuted during the Frightmares 2011 season, and its debut brought the number of haunted houses up to four. Since its debut, Nightwalk has been largely considered the scariest haunted walk-thru Lagoon has created. Nightwalk is still the only attraction that uses two picnic terraces with a small outdoor area that connects them. The attraction begins and ends in the Maple Terrace was designed where the outdoor and Pine Terrace area can be sealed off and skipped entirely if needed. This seems to be utilized only during the nights where the weather is sour and having guests go through the outdoor part would not be desirable.

Nightwalk uses a consistent theme of vampires and demons throughout the attraction. The line consists of a large metal gate with the word Nightwalk on it, a handful of roaming vampires, and a hallway with some elaborate pictures hanging on the wall. Many of the rooms are considerably darker than the other attractions. Those who experience Nightwalk while the sun is still up will find the first part of the house difficult to navigate, but the scare factor increases some when you can't tell what is going on.

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