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This is a list of Kiddie Rides at Lagoon. These are rides that can only be ridden by children under a certain height.

Picture Name Ride in Play Max Height
Baby Boats Baby Boats Boats Play Steering Wheels & Bell 46"
Bulgy the Whale Bulgy the Whale Whales 54"
Helicopters Helicopters Helicopters Make it go up & down 54"
Moonraker Moonraker Spaceships and Robots Play Steering Wheels 54"
Red Baron Red Baron Airplanes Make it go up & down 54"
Scalawags Scalawags Dragons, Elephants, Bumble Bees and Ladybugs Make it go up & down 54"
Scamper Scamper Cars Really Drive 54"
Skyfighter Skyfighter Jet Planes Play guns 54"
Speedway Jr. Speedway Jr. Cars Play Steering Wheels 54"

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