Accidents and incidents at Lagoon

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This is a list of accidents and incidents that have occurred at Lagoon Amusement Park.


1908 Scenic Railway Accident

Logan Balderston, of Bountiful, Utah, was seriously injured after falling 40 feet from the Scenic Railway. The incident occurred on May 30, 1908, the opening day of the 1908 season.

1934 Roller Coaster Accident

Ernest Henry Howe, age 20, of Ogden, Utah, died August 20, 1934, after attempting to stand up on top of Roller Coaster's first hill.

1946 Roller Coaster Accident

James Young Hess, age 23, of Farmington, Utah, died September 01, 1946, from skull, leg, and internal injuries after being struck by a roller coaster car while working on the structure.[1]

1989 Roller Coaster Accident

Kilee King, age 13, of Bountiful, Utah, died June 09, 1989, after falling 35 ft from the front seat of a roller coaster train, restraint bar still locked in place. Investigation finds no criminal negligence on the part of Lagoon.[2]

1989 Puff Accident

A young boy was killed in 1989 when he attempted to exit Puff the Little Fire Dragon before it had completed its three laps. He fell out of the train and was hit by the same train before it could be stopped.