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I had a really cool page created a long time ago before the wiki that featured Putter Around the Park. I need to see if I can find all the info I had on the course and recreate it here on the wiki. user:Willenator

Well you might find this link pretty helpful in your quest except there's no pics anymore:

I do have a bunch of pix which I can eventually contribute to the wiki, but I've been wanting to make a PATP video and share them there first... and that'll be a little while. I've got a whole lot going on including a trip out of the country in three weeks.

I would really like to see what the hole layouts were. Jetstar2 (talk)

That is very helpful actually. I don't remember having that much detail, so that really helps. I do have the pictures still. I just found them, so I will probably work on recreating the Putter Around the Park page on Sunday complete with pictures. --Willenator (talk) 10:42, 23 August 2019 (MDT)

Sweet! Jetstar2 (talk)

Putting up the page was a lot of fun and brought back lots of memories. It also made me realize how sad the course was in its final years. Sadly, all my pictures were from the final years, so I don't have any showing what some of the holes looked like before. I also don't have pictures of the Fun Spot of Utah, Puff, and Merry-Go-Round holes that were removed before the 2006 season.

JetStar2: when you get your video done, feel free to add it to the page. You can do it as a link in the See Also or add the embedded video to the article if you wish.

--Willenator (talk) 12:34, 25 August 2019 (MDT)