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I want to make sure we can revisit old did you know stuff, so I'm creating an archive here in the discussion page of everything we have had on the main page so far. --Willenator (talk) 22:42, 15 January 2017 (MST)

Did you know list

  • ...that launched the same month and year as Facebook?
  • ...that The Spider's original name was the Spider and the Fly, but Lagoon shortened the name prior to opening the ride?
  • ...that the lion statues at Cannibal's entrance are celebrating their 100th birthday this year?
  • ...that the small house in Speedway Jr. shows Lagoon's actual street number as its address?
  • ...that a ladybug face can be seen on the front of some of Puff the Little Fire Dragon's cars?
  • ...that Roller Coaster is the 6th oldest roller coaster in the world still in operation?
  • ...that the logo for Flying Tigers was created by the Walt Disney Company?
  • ...that Centennial Screamer and Turn of the Century were named that way because the rides were installed during Lagoon's 100th operating season?
  • ...that Flying Aces has moved more times than any other ride currently operating at Lagoon?
  • ...that Spook-A-Boo is the longest running Frightmares attraction?