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Location: Park Entry - Midway
# of Nozzles: 138
# of Pumps: 18 Seperate Pumps
Water Pumped: 350,000 Gallons per Hour
Size of Water Cage: 60 Feet Diameter
Height of Water: Over 35 Feet in the Air
Water Walls: Over 80 Lineal Feet
Water Garden Features: Two Memorial Gardens. One with 15 custom wave nozzles to create a crashing wave effect.
Year Installed: 2004

The Interactive Fountain is a fountain located just inside of the main entrance and acts as a central point between the north midway and south midway.


The Interactive Fountain debuted at Lagoon in 2004. According to a press release at the time, Lagoon wanted to reestablish a strong entrance for park visitors and give them something visually appealing and exciting to see upon entering the park. This water feature allows park guests to walk around or through giving those interested a chance to cool off during the warm summer months by playing in the water geysers.

The Interactive Fountain features stone paving and 80 feet of walls from India and uses 70 nozzles that each feature their own lighting to create patterns of water that park guests can walk through and play in. On all four sides of the fountain additional water features can be seen and enjoyed. On two sides there are memorial water gardens one of which uses 15 custom wave nozzles to create a crashing wave effect. On the other two sides are a large ring and sphere that rotate on small films of water in which direct guest contact is allowed. The sphere is 36" in diameter and is made out of colored Meerfelsen granite from Sweden. The ring is 60" and is made out of Verde-Candaias granite from Brazil.


When the Interactive Fountain debuted, it contained 190 various water nozzles. While in operation, the fountain would create a 30-foot diameter "water cage" and a 60-foot leaping water "tunnel" in addition to the dancing fountains around the pad. It was possible to play in the fountain without getting wet if you timed it properly. However, the cage would get you the most soaked as you couldn't escape it without getting wet unless someone let you out. The fountain was interactive in two ways. The first, was playing in the water. The second was using the paw prints embedded on the side of each entrance to the fountain. If the water cage was active, someone could place their hand on the paw print causing a group of the nozzles to disengage creating a break in the cage for people to enter or exit. If someone remained in the cage too long, the streams of water would drop drenching all those inside.

Water nozzles weren't the only feature of the fountain. It included plenty of stage lighting and large speakers to play music, and the fountain would perform to music throughout the day. It featured two types of shows: a low-pressured version where the fountain would dance to music while people played in the water and a high-pressured version where the water in the fountain could reach over 35 feet into the air. During the high-pressure shows, Lagoon would rope off the fountain keeping people back while the fountain was performing. Many people enjoyed watching the high-pressured shows, which usually played during the evening hours to take advantage of the fountains lighting system.

Sadly, the original design of the fountain did not hold up very well and required quite a bit of maintenance to keep it running. A few years after the fountain debuted, Lagoon discontinued the water shows. While it was still possible for the fountain to perform them and occasionally did, the frequency of them was very low. Most park guests who went to Lagoon in 2005 and 2006 probably never saw one of the water shows and starting in 2007 they were gone completely. As the fountain aged, the interactive paw prints stopped working properly as well and would only occasionally allow someone to open up the water cage. As more and more of the nozzles started failing, the amount of variation in what the fountain could do was limited and usually just ran in cage mode with random dancing water geysers shooting up when the cage wasn't activated.

Video of the original Interactive Fountain design

Interactive Fountain by deathbyillusion

2018 Update

In 2018, Lagoon updated the Interactive Fountain by adding new self-contained water nozzles. Each nozzle features its own pump and lighting making it easier to swap out if one of the nozzles fails simplifying upkeep. The nozzles were placed around the fountain area in ring patterns and work together to create various water and light patterns. It is rumored that the new fountain design can still perform to music, but Lagoon has not utilized this feature if true.

Since Lagoon continued to use many of the same paving stones for the updated fountain, it is still possible to see the old nozzle holes when you look at it. The paw prints still adorn the sides of each entrance but no longer serve a purpose. Lagoon did not change any of the outside elements of the fountain when they updated the nozzles on the inside, so the ring, ball, wave crashing, and little fountain areas are still there. Lagoon did remove much of the stage lighting of the original fountain design as well since it is no longer needed.

Video of the 2018 Updated Fountain

Interactive Fountain May 27, 2018